Midi 2.0 in Dorico ?

Hi Forum and Daniel,

Midi 2.0 in Dorico ?? Is it talked about?
New topic at the NAMM for professionals. Can this open up new possibilities ??

The specification for MIDI 2.0 hasn’t been finalised yet. When it does get finalised there’s likely to quite a long period before new hardware supports it and software is able to take advantage of it. We don’t know yet what the implications or possibilities could be for Dorico. I expect that some of the main benefits of MIDI 2.0 will be for live performance of hardware with multiple dimensions of per-note expression (eg ROLI keyboards), which could be used to play plugins that respond to this. Note that VST3 plugins already support this, using Note Expression.

It’s a very interesting development, and great to see after the very long delay that a spec is finally emerging from the MMA, but I think it’ll be some while before we see anything that will be relevant for Dorico.

Dorico 12 with Midi 2.0

MIDI and PostScript. Two technologies from the 80s that are so awesome, they’re still with us, and have been left alone to get on with the job.