MIDI 2.0

I was very disappointed that Cubase 11 does not include MIDI 2.0 support. Also it would be nice to have more communications from Steinberg on plans for this and other possible future enhancements. Is there a timetable for MIDI 2.0 implementation? I feel Steinberg should give users more respect in regard to information on the direction of Cubase.

is there really a reason to? I mean, be disappointed? Steinberg/Yamaha were involved in the development, so I doubt there is going to be a lack of support, just no reason to add it yet while things are still probably being perfected. There’s barely anything on the market yet that supports it.

My guess is, you’ll see it once they release/finish the new MIDI API they are developing:

Why would any developer release 2.0 products when no DAW supports it? Steinberg needs to foster it.

Why would any developer foster 2.0 when there’s no 2.0 products to foster?