MIDI abruptly stops playing back

I just purchased and installed GetGoodDrums 2.0 and all has been dandy running through Kontakt 5. I was programming in the part in the Drum Editor page when all of a sudden I stopped getting any playback. The MIDI information is still going through and can be seen by the fader. I deleted the Kontakt track, added it back, added GGD’s again, pasted the drum track back and it works again, but only for a few minutes before abruptly discontinuing playback. I also have Reaper, and I do not have this issue on Reaper. What gives?

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I can’t solve your issue but it sound a look like the midi playback problem I had today with my Kronos X as an External Instrument. All works fine then something happens and the playback of MIDI goes nuts, kinda plays but missing notes. Restart Cube and all back to normal.
Odd thing is you can play any attached controller and it will midi echo through to the Kronos no problem. It’s only Cubase MIDI track playback that is impacted. MIDI meter is active as normal as well suggesting Cubase at least in the graphics part thinks things are working.

This is on Cubase 9.0.20 on Windows 10

I have a similar problem in Kontakt 5 with the Sessions Horns Pro library. It will be playing along fine & then completely stop playing. Resetting the Kontakt engine by clicking the “!” in the upper right restores normal playback (for awhile at least). Once I’ve got the part finished I’ll render it in place so I don’t have to rely on Kontakt. I haven’t had this happen with any other Kontakt library.

Kronos X user here and I’m having the same exact problem. MIDI track plays fine one moment and then it goes inexplicably dead/muted. Deleting the instrument track and opening a new one is how I solve problem when it comes up. Definitely not a “solution”, though…

I would use midi monitor insert plugin and check where problem is - any data to instrument or is something muting instrument.

I had issues with Kontakt when I used it long ago - and daw sent stuff every start of transport that reset things - on every midi channel there were volume, pan etc.
Pan I set on Kontakt were gone. If any CC7 it will set volume etc. CC11 expression which in turn can affect volume.

Midi monitor will tell.

Some more ideas below…

And are the chase back stuff, done every start, picking up some things earlier on track depending on where you start transport?

There are settings for midi in Cubase on top part of inspector about volume which is off. Use mousewheel and step that up to 120 or so.
This just to figure out what happends - if sound comes back.

There is a setting Insert Reset Event after record - depending on instrument this can reset more than you want. It sends out note-off on every note on every midi channel and reset controllers too.

I had a Roland D50 as master keyboard a while, and that also had some strange stuff - when all keys were up it always sent all-notes-off. So a chord was down, and then lifted - and all-notes-off cutting reverb tails and other things. So I glued down top key with adhesive tape. Also a clue if having a new keyboard you don’t know fully yet - there may be things in midi data.

@Evanis - re: Korg MIDI muting/dying inexplicably.

I updated to the very latest Korg Midi driver and also have a Proto type Yamaha USB driver installed (testing for Steinberg - see UR44 thread for details if interested).
During my last session I didn’t have the MIDI glitch with the Kronos I reported earlier in this thread. I am hoping the problem is gone now.

Thanks for the heads up about the new driver. I just installed it, so let’s hope this solves the problem. So far, so good…