Midi Acting strange

Ok this ones an odd one.

Just done a fresh install of Windows 7 64bit and all of a sudden the midi isnt recording properly.

When I press record the midi plays the instrument (Kontakt 4) fine and i can hear it, but it fails to record any midi, the midi event shows up fine (usually dissapears if no data was recorded)

also, and this is the really odd bit, if i have loop activated the midi IS recorded, BUT its 40 or 50 bars from where i played it in, very odd indeed.

Annother odd thing is the list editor clearly shows the notes having being recorded.

Just like to point out this hasnt happened before in C6, have I changed a setting?
The only thing thats new is I have installed Komplete 7 and used Battery 3 but having that off doesnt seem to make a difference

Cubase 6, Komplete 7, M-audio Keyrig, M-Audio mobile Pre

Thanks in advance

Sounds like you need Steinberg support for this one.

Unless the midi’s acting strange because it’s expecting an oscar. :laughing:

Hey if acting strange is all you need to get an oscar, I should have at lease 12 by now :laughing:

Ive sorted the problem now.

Looks like its this rubbish M-Audio Keyrig thats causing problems in the system, re-installed that and swapped the input in cubase, Job done.