Midi activity but no realtime playback

Hello! Having an issue here. I have no realtime playback from virtual instruments playing my midi controller. I do, however, get sound when I playback written midi events and can also record midi events from the midi controller. What can I do to check the right settings to get to hear vst playing realtime from my controller?
Im using Cubase 10 and Midiplus x8pro, Win10.
Hope someone can give me a hand on this. Thanks in advance!


Which MIDI Input do you use on the given track? Do you use the All MIDI Inputs? If yes, how does the Studio > Studio Setup > MIDI Ports Setup look like?

Hi, thanks for answering!
Ive tried both “all instruments” and just “xpro” with no results. Here´s a pic of my Midi ports setup:

Can you post a screenshot showing this stuff for the Track


Hi! yes, sir:

Enable Monitoring - the speaker shaped button

No realtime sound with or without monitoring enabled. I can record and listen to the recorded stuff though, as I mentioned.


There is the Xpro selected as an input. Is this your input MIDI Device, please?

How does the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter look like, please? By default only SysEx is enabled for both Record and Thru.

Hi, thanks 4 answering!
Yes, Xpro is my midi controller-input device. These are current Preferences:


It looks OK.

What about the MIDI Thru preferences, please? Is it enabled?

I´m sorry , where are the MIDI Thru preferences?

Oh I got it, THAT WAS IT! Thank you very much, sir!

This box wasnt checked, I checked it and I now I got sound. :smiley: :beer:

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