MIDI again

Hi all,

I have a Behringer Motor61 keyboard which works just fine with Cubase. Now I would like to map Cubase transport controls to the controls on the keyboard. I have it sort of working except for the following issues:
To get cycle to activate/deactivate I have to hit the button on the keyboard twice and the active state on the keyboard doesn’t match the state of Cubase, Sometimes the button is lit and sometimes it isn’t. I have the same issues with Cubase Start and Record. The lit state of the keyboard buttons doesn’t match the transport state. I have played around with trying to designate a button (Stop) as being momentary but that doesn’t work.
When I define, (when I have it working) is the definition global or just for the track that happens to be active at the moment? I see that Quick Control Focus reads the name of the track. I’m confused by that. If I am defining by tracks how do I do GLOBAL definitions?


Joe B

I think you need to set those buttons as toggle. (From within the mapping assistant)

Thanks for the response. They are setup as toggle. Checking with Midi Monitor, I watch the first press to go high (127). Then the second press go low (0) but the wrong information is getting sent back to the keyboard (I think) because the leds on the keyboard buttons are never in sync with the state of the transport. Confusing especially since I’m trying to get into the keyboard internal setup and see if I can get it to handle the MIDI communication better on its end.
Thanks again,

Joe B

The state of the leds should be handled automatically through MIDI remote though… If the keyboard button is expecting the same CC message for its led, that is.

Wait. How are you communicating with Cubase? Are you doing this through the MIDI remote, or the Generic? Does the Behringer use Mackie protocol?