Midi and Tempo track editing/export question

Hello All!

I am looking for a way to import a full song, analyze it (tempo track) and place a midi note on each beat (mostly 4/4). I know that it is possible to create a midi file from the tempo track so my goal was to start there.

I loaded in a song, analyzed the tempo in Nuendo, and it spit out a tempo track that was all wrong. I know that the song is super quantized and beats do not vary. The tempo analyzing did a horrible job of breaking it down. Is there a way to grab all the tempo points (dots) and multi edit them to all be a “certain” bpm? I tried drag selecting multiple and other multi editing things but they do not take.

2 questions for you guys:

  1. Is there a way to multi edit all the tempo track points to a single bpm?

  2. Is there a way to export a Midi file with Tempo and Time Signature markers?

Thanks guys!

Note about pic: Unable to multi select points and change the tempo in the box (arrow pointed). The change does not affect the dots.


  1. If you want to set all tempo markers to the same value you can:
    A) Switch the Tempo track off.
    B) Select all Tempo nodes (right click to the tracks and click to the Select all events option), then type the value in the Info line and press enter while holding down Ctrl/Command modifier. At least this trick works for other values, I hope it will work here too.

  2. MIDI file is always exported with the Tempo (not with the Time signature).