midi and vst instrument cross channel triggering

My midi track data in a retrologue instrument track is triggering another track with symphonic orchestra in it. When the symphonic orchestra has no more midi information it keeps right on playing! I have tried changing the channels and everything I can think of. Using cubase 8.5 Pro. The user manuals don’t have much to say about VST instrument routing or channels except for Halion Sonic which is pretty well laid out.

Help is appreciated.

How do you send the data from the Instrument Track to another one?

Could you add MIDI Monitor Insert to the symphonic orchestra track to test what MIDI data is passing thru?

Hi Martin,

I am not sending midi data to the other track it is just playing it! The halionsonic multitimbrel slots can be set up so that one midi track triggers multiple instruments, or if it can play it’s own midi track only. This depends on channel routing. However, an independent VST instrument in an instrument track should not be playing midi data from another track.

I will try to add midi monitor insert and see what it does.



Definitely, an Instrument track cannot play MIDI data of other track, if you don’t route the MIDI to the Instrument track.

Could you describe the routing of the two tracks, please?

Hi Martin,
Sorry for such a late reply. I have not had a chance to do much with my recording software. I did find the problem tonight. My song has a chord track and in the track options box you can select a track for auditioning (it is next to the lanes button). If “all monitored tracks” is selected it will play chords with all the midi instruments even if there is no chord data in the track. Go figure. So when I picked one track to monitor, such as grand piano, I no longer had chords playing from any other track. Crazy stuff indeed!

Thanks for your time and great suggestions to solve my issue. I appreciate everyone on the forum!