Midi audio notes changing by themselves.


Although far from an expert, I’ve used Cubase for many years and never had this problem before. It’s got me tearing my hair out.

Using an external midi controller (Novation Launchkey 49), I record a note onto a instrument channel with a VST synth loaded (doesn’t matter which one, the problem happens with them all). I play it back, and a different note plays. For example, if it’s a drum synth, the note recorded is, say, a snare. When I play it back, it’s a tom, or a hi-hat - but only sometimes. Sometimes, it’s actually what it should be - a snare.

Like I say, this happens whatever the synth - I can play a whole piano part and when I play it back, the audio has shifted up 5, or down 1. The visible midi notes don’t change - they remain in the same place. It’s just the audio. The key thing is that it doesn’t always happen. Sometimes (if I reload the song, if I move the notes around physically etc), then the right note plays.

It’s Cubase 7. Can’t find a reference to this problem anywhere, so has anyone had this problem, or can tell me what’s going on?