MIDI automation (line drawing) multiples

In the tempo track you can easily line draw rubato, typically it’s a slow down line, then draw to create a new point and select/move it up to the original tempo (this would make a great macro).

However in CC automation a line is highlighted in green, and creating a new line elsewhere erases the old and it reverts back to the automated CC. What am I missing?


When you create a line using the line tool, you’re creating a region of data, which is what the shaded background behind the line is telling you; likewise, if you draw a series of points with the draw tool, you’ll see everything that you drew in that single edit shown with a shaded background.

However, the presence of a line in one part of the line doesn’t prevent you from creating another line or series of points elsewhere. Can you be more specific about exactly what you’re seeing?


Typically you need to draw lines like this point to point, the drop from the end of mine back to the automatic automation will sound bad, so I need to shape this musical line by a series of lines. I don’t like using n point curves for a specific reason (see below)

While I have your ear, having to drag to draw a line is hard on the hands and fussy as you have to be really precise with the drag. The best approach is Cubase/Nuendo’s Tempo editor. There they don’t even have a line tool as it’s unneeded, all they have is a pencil tool which you can do the normal drag to draw, or if you simply click it creates a line from the previous last point. This is brilliant and is so easy to draw lines with (unfortunately they didn’t extend that to the automation where there is a line tool, this is inconsistent and makes little sense I think)

The way players play (at least wind players I can say definitively) is in this line style, the wiggly automation people do doesn’t jive with real players I believe. So I just draw lines and it sounds great, and having this ‘click to draw line from previous’ feature would make it so incredibly easy. To keep existing functionality maybe add the Control key to enable this feature of the draw tool (Control-Click to draw a line from the previous point)