Midi automation question

Hi there,

I have a question about editing midi automation in Cubase 6 (or 5).
I’m currently using NI’s Massive as a bass synth (dubstep kinda style).
And I want to know a quick way to edit automation for parameters in Massive.
My midi keyboard doesn’t have a lot of controls, just modulation and pitch.
Is it still possible to use the quick control feature in Cubase without having quick controls on my keyboard?
Here’s an example of what I want to do, it’s probably really easy though.
Lets say I have made an awesome synth sound in massive, and I also have a filter that I can assign to a quick control in massive (there are also 8 quick control buttons in massive).
How do I find out which midi channel to use in cubase for automation of this button??
Do I make an automation lane, edit a curve in, press midi learn on the quick control in massive and press play??
There should be an easy way to do this without midi learn, just can’t seem to figure it out.
Hope you guys can help!

You set what pilots the Quick Controls slots, in the Devices menu>Device Setup>Quick Controls pane. So, obviously, you’ll only be able to make use of your modwheel (unfortunately, the pitchwheel is not available as a control source… has been requested quite a few times;) ).
But that only means that you can only remote-control one QC slot. That doesn’t prevent you from stopping then reassigning that slot to a different parameter, if you need to. The Quick Controls pane on the Track’s Inspector has a button to assign the available parameters automatically, but you can still click on (in your case, presumably…) slot #1 and assign a different parameter.

(no idea of your financial situation of course, but, if you can afford it, get a Korg NanoKontrol for about $60… well worthwhile IMHO :wink: )