Midi cc 1 Looks Different from cc 11

How can I get midi cc 11 to look like cc 1. With cc 1 I can edit the curves. I recorded both cc’s in the piano roll / editor.


CC1 has been recorded as MIDI data. CC11 has been recorded as Automation Track. Either you set it up this way in MIDI > CC Automation Setup, or you write the automation data via Quick Controls.

this is what I have in my cc automation setup. Does this look correct or do I need to change anything?


Yes, this looks correct. So maybe you recorded CC11 via Quick Controls? Did you send MIDI CC11 directly from your MIDI Device.

Yes, I use the built in faders and knobs from my Akai MPK 88 to access cc 11. How would I set up my keyboard to NOT send midi cc via quick controls


Make sure the Quick Controls don’t use your Akai MPK 88 as an input. Set it up in the Studio > Studio Setup > Quick Controls. Make sure the input is set to Not Connected.

I think I already had it that way. Here is a screen shot of what I already have. I did not touch/move anything. So, that might not be the solution. Do you think I should disable cc 11 from the quick controls even though it is not connected.


If the MIDI Input is set to Not Connected, the Quick Controls would be ignored.

I would recommend to try it out at this moment, when you are sure it’s setup this way (i.e. correct).

I gave you clear instructions in your previous post about this. I even took the time to look up the MPK manual for you. Did you even try my suggestions?


I had a feeling, it’s a duplicate of different post…

Duplicate 1
Duplicate 2

I feel like he didn’t even bother to take our advice.

Hi ilmolto & Martin,

Yes, I have looked at the info you provided but that didn’t solve my problem. I know how to assign the midi cc on the keyboard. My question isn’t how to assign midi cc. Also ilmolto, please be more respectful. No need to be rude.


I haven’t move anything. It was always set on “not connected”. So I don’t think that is the issue; however, midi cc 11 is assigned to the quick controls. Even though it is “not connected” do you think that makes a difference?

No mate, you’re the rude one. Didn’t even get a thank you from you. A little bit of gratitude goes a long way.

You are asking how to record MIDI CC 11 the same way you record MIDI CC 1. The answer is to assign MIDI CC 11 to a knob on your controller, press the record button in Cubase and tweak the knob.

So yes, it is indeed about assigning your controller.

No, that is not the question I am asking. The question I am asking is, “How can I get midi cc 11 to look like cc 1”. I have provided a picture.

Man you are dense.

Stop recording CC11 as automation and instead record using the record button.


If the input is set to Not Connected, the the incoming MIDI Messages are just ignored by Quick Controls. So in this case, it just doesn’t come thru Quick Controls at all.

Could you try to record (not automation Write) the MIDI CCs 1 and 11 in a new project once again, please? Just for test, to make sure, how does it work at this very moment. Could you make a video screen recording and show us, how does it work right now, please?

Hi Martin,

Sure, I can do that. Let me try to record something.