midi cc and generic remote

i m posting this for a friend.

using a knob or a mod wheel can i activate a particular track/ articulation.
in the pic i have 3 midi tracks with 3 different articulations in them, so moving a knob as midi cc can i do that
can u correct me with the right settings


Rather than trying to access specific tracks (because they will presumably be different for every Project :wink: ), I’d reccommend using the Generic Remote to simply scroll up or down until you arrive at the desired track. And, if available, use, instead, two buttons (rather than knobs)… one for "Down, and the other for “Up”…
Apart from that, for doing the above, your screenshot looks nearly correct at least, for the first two slots) :wink:
In the Value/Action section, just change the first slot to “Down”, and the 2nd slot to “Up”.
However, at the moment, the first slot is activated when it receives CC#17 on MIDI ch #1 (its actual value is irrelevant :wink: ), and the second slot is activated when it receives CC#18 on MIDI ch #2. Up to you, now, to set those (in the upper section), to the desired incoming buttons (“Address” is, in the case of MIDI CC#s, the actual CC# number).

hello vic_france,

thanks for d replly.
yes your above suggestion makes more sense.

i actually tried that, changed it to add up / down but it activates all up / all down tracks when i move knob. the buttons are configured with factory settings and cant b changed.

i guess as u said buttons is what i nid n not knobs.

thanks again for your time and consideration.

i’ve learnt a lot from you.

my regards,

Not “Add Up” / “Add Down”, but simply “Up” / “Down” :wink:

hi vic_france,

sorry a typing errror, i meant up / down but when i move the nob it goes straight up or right down but not to the next track.

i think i’ll stick to keyswitches works great i think cc for articulations is a long detour , i’ll have to press many times d buttons to get to my spot.

for automation cc1, cc7, cc11,cc64 may b good or perhaps something like lemur/ touch osc.

thanks for the help,
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