Midi CC and Pitchbend Bezier Curves

Please give us Bezier Curves for Midi CC and Pitchbend! The way to edit CC in the Midi Editor is outdated!

Will come. Its on the to do list.

We heard this sentence last year already. :laughing: Maybe if many people write +1 to this Suggestion they will implement it in 10.5 and don’t wait another release.

How do you guys automate pitchbends without beziers anyway? Can you automate modulation at all, or are beziers just for volume, panning, non CCs etc.? I’d like to know of a better way than drawing manual quadratic curves or using a physical wheel.

Still the same like on Cubase 6. Within the MIDI Event and the automation consists of dots.

Can you not snap one of the dots vertically to avoid jumps?


If Bézier curves are implemented into Cubase, please give us the preference to use them or the current version (data “dots”), the way Digital Performer does. Not everyone wants Bézier curves in the Key Editor (myself for example).

Having used them in Logic’s Midi Editor, Cubase’s “dotted” version is much easier to use and edit. I feel if Bézier curves are added to Cubase we will lose the excellent way to do scaling, compressing, ratio, etc of CC data.