Midi CC automation via Project Windown or Key Editor

I added some Midi CC1 automation to a VST track in the Project window. If I go to the Key Editor I see this modulation as pale grey line. What happens if I now add same Midi CC information in the Key Editor? Can I not add it here an overwrite what is there? I tried it and it seems to take some kind of average …?

Also, in the Key Editor, can I add modulation by the same way as in the Project Window – that is, using Nodes? In Key Editor I seem to have choice of draw and line etc … but not using nodes … or have I missed that?

we can have automation in Project Window and Key Editor, your choice. when you have same automation in both its conflicting so you can instruct cubase in such case which should take over. see pg 299 for this. And for writing automation there are different modes which work just in Project Window and for Editor you got tools or assign faders / knobs to your controller. see pg 279. or type automation in ctrl/ f.

Thanks but I am still confused - the manual states I can open an Automation Panel with f6 — but this does not work for me. Or, Project - Automation Panel … I don’t see any Automation Panel here …

strange click on icon on toolbar next to R/ W you have an optionc, btw which cubase version

I have Cubase 8 Artist - I’m not by computer now but will try that later - unless the Automation Panel does not come with Artist version?