MIDI CC commands showing up as ramps

I’m working on inserting control change commands into the project, and my hardware is sending toggle commands of either 0 or 127, as it should. But upon inspection in the MIDI List editor, they show up as ramps - and a simple on then off of a toggle over a couple of seconds ends up being a two second ramp from on to off.

I can insert a command manually using the pen tool that isn’t registered as a ramp - so something is up and I can’t figure out what is going on. I’ve so far had to go in and delete all CC instances that were labeled as ramp, and replace them with a manually inserted CC command of exactly the same type and value, but it doesn’t say ramp.

Is there some setting I’m missing that would set an incoming CC as 0 or 127 with no ramp? Any help is appreciated, thank you!

Hi @billjv I don’t remember about a global setting (in the manual it says that per default Cubase creates steps…), but you can select all the controller points at once and change into step:

CleanShot 2024-05-04 at 18.13.44

Hey Christian,

Thanks so much for the great reply! I finally found a place on the MIDI editor info line that if you click, changes the input from ramp to step, which solved my problem. I’ve spent three days chasing down why my midi cc messages were all wacky. One click did the trick, although I did have to re-record all the messages. I tried selecting what I had done previously and do what you suggested, but there were issues. So I just redid them.

Thanks again, very much appreciated!

Is it the same place that I showed in my video (called Curve Type)?