Midi CC Controller Vs. Midi Automation Sync problems

So here the issue I’ve discovered on Cubase with no solution using MIDI automation whether on VSTi or External instruments.

If I record for example a MIDI CC 74 (filter) automation pattern, let’s say a 16th “Square” type shape, onto a midi part and I reproduce, the “gated” filter effect, It stay perfect “in time” at 16th or whatever intervals I create.

Note that for the experiment I’m using the midi mapping CC 74 (Filter) on the generic VSTi and not automating the parameters itself (for example the cutoff, but it could be any parameter).

But if I use the function “EXTRACT Midi Automation” (From the Midi menu) I get the same figure automation as in the midi part, but in this case on the MIDI automation line, that should be more comfortable to edit rather than messing up with the single CC midi events of the CC Midi part Editor.

Now if I delete the midi part with the CC MIDI created before and I reproduce a note reading the automation lane Extracted, I should get the same “gated” filter effect reflecting the square shape as showed in the pic, in sync with the beats.

Instead what I get is a sort of stuttered effect on the CC automated as the midi data aren’t processed precise in time as before.
Of course if i disable the “read” on the automation track and I place again the MIDI part with the SAME automation everything is perfect and in time, no matter if I use a VSTi or an external instrument, so I can exclude it’s a Midi interface or driver issue.

Of course I know well how Cubase can manage the two types of Midi informations which come from both the Automation track and the Midi CC Part; (they’re the same MIDI information controllers but managed in different ways from the program).

You can adjust the behaviour and conflicts on the “CC Automation setup” dialog from the MIDI menu, but it seems that when you use a midi automation track, and you need a timing accurate automation that you want it to be synchronized with the song, this seems to be impossible as cubase generate those midi artefacts.

Only if you program your automation exclusively on the midi part editor without using any Midi automation track you can stay “in the beat”(If you just enable the read button everything is messed up regarding those CC MIDI realtime controller)

So if you try to make this sort of complex midi modulation (setting the Midi automation track as modulator for example) it’s impossible to get the things precise in sync. (see Fugure above)

Naturally working with this Midi informations is an issue more if I’m controlling an external synth, since I can always automate directly the parameter if I’m using an internal VSTI, and in this case everything working fine, but this sort of MIDI stutter delay is really annoying me and it prevents from doing what I want to do with automation in an easy way as it would be supposed to do!

I hope I got the point. Any suggestion if it’s a bug/limit of the program or It’s me I’m missing something?? Thanks in advance.