MIDI CC data being sent by Cubase too much. Alternatives?


In the List Editor, I select to add a control change message into the MIDI sequence…
I then select where I want to place the control message and all is well.
The default MIDI CC message is CC 0. The “zero-th” message. It controls the Bank MSB (most significant byte)
Upon selecting where to place the control message, the Bank MSB is not changed, but upon scrolling up and down through the CC message numbers, Cubase sends out CC messages ALONG WITH the data that is there by default. (Typically, 0)
If I want to change the CC message from CC 0 to CC 16, I end up passing CC 7 (Main Volume [for the channel]) and the volume gets set to 0, thus practically muting the instrument on that channel.
This is incredibly inconvenient and took a while for us to figure out. It even corrupted my synth temporarily by sending reserved addresses that aren’t designed to modify the sound. My speakers played ridiculous high levels and I worry whether my interface was damaged. Luckily, I don’t think this is the case, given the solution that I tested.

Is there a way I can stop Cubase constantly sending CC data when I’m simply scrolling through the messages? If not, is there an alternative? Do I just have to type in “CC 16” and make sure not to press enter? That sounds very pedantic and honestly, this constant sending of CC data should be removed from the next patch of Cubase 8 Pro | Artist | Elements | AI whatever. It wouldn’t be very difficult and it only really affects the List and Key editors. Not so much the overall Cubase engine and architecture. :angry:


There is a “speaker with arrow” button in the toolbar of the window. The button is called Feedback. Just switch this button Off. This button enables/disables sending of MIDI message out, when you select the message, or change any value of the message.

Does it work to you?