Midi cc editing

Dont know what i am doing wrong:

  1. the midi edit window ist not sync with the track window and i cannot push it right or left with the mouse (update: it works on 4.2, i tried with 4.1)
  2. when i draw a midi message with “snap on”, the message is always 1/4 before
  3. i cannot delete the message with the erasor and its very hard to use the select tool.
  4. if i delete a miditrack and “undone” it, the track is back without the cc-messages.

thanks, Andi

… yes, an Auto-Scroll control was missing. We’ve added it to 1.4.2

… first of all, a “cross-hair” is missing to know where the event will be placed. Then : It’s a bug if you are too close. Move your mouse a bit to the “right”, then the event will be placed correctly.

… oh, yes, we’ll improve it. A workaround is to open the “MIDI List Editor” and delete the events there.

… will fix it.


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Thank you for fast reply

another thing I noticed is, after you write a midi message, say 21, if you go to another place and come back to the midi clip, although 21 is selected, you don’t see the line that you wrote. You must select another message, then 21 again and so you can see the line.

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I see the same behavior when importing tracks since several versions.
I have to select another song and then to come back to the track view to see all my tracks

I use the same topic, 'cause probably these iusses are connected.
I notice something very annoying, which wastes tons of time :sob:, the editor doesn’t recognize the selection until I manually modify it with the mouse.

Is there a way to control al the CC in use in one track? Similar as in Cubase, to be clear

Hi! I was struggling with it too, then decided doing this with “MIDI List Editor” window (Edit/MIDI List Editor)

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Thanks for the tip!

… thank you for reporting. It’s fixed now and ready with the next Pre-Release,