MIDI CC flags at begining of project


I something that’ bothering me lately… I tried to add a Midi CC flag event at the begining of every midi track I have in my project template : pitchbend init at 0, CC11 at 127 and CC01 at 0.

The problem comes from the pitch bend : it seem when I press stop it doesnt’ chase the init value if it’s not in the same event.

I have midi chase turned on.

Any help?



“Midi Chase” isn’t specific enough, Cubase specifies for each status type.

Hi Steve,

Thank you for your reply. Yes I have all the box ticked except SysEx.



What version of Cubase please? (fill out your profile) In Cubase 11 there were some changes to the PB lane.

How do you conclude that it didn’t chase? Do you hit stop after the PB point? What happens when you move the cursor to before the PB node?

I tried this:

  • create two midi parts of 4 bars each (#1 and #2) with some notes in both
  • insert a Pitch Bend=0 at beginning of part 1
  • insert one non-zero Pitch Bend somewhere in part #2
  • Playback from before PB in part #2 until after PB.
  • hit stop, move cursor to a location before PB node in part #2
    Result here: PB is reset to zero. and PB init is unnecessary.

Hi Steve,

I have Cubase 10.5. I tried you setup and my PB is not reset to 0… Do you think it’s something that’s been fixed in CB11?

Thank you for you time.


However, if I glue the two parts together, it works.

Yes. it was improved, and changed. Check out the Cubase Pro 11 trial