Midi CC for Kontakt Libraries

In Studio One when you load up a library which uses specific midi cc numbers, S1 automatically gets the names (Vibrato Reverb Dynamic etc) of the functions and show them in the midi cc automation lane.
Is there something like this in Cubase? I couldn’t find except checking with the library what cc numbers are used and adding them manually and the names are generic cc names only.

Select the track. In the Inspector, select the Quick Controls. They may already be there. If not, click, “Get Default…”

Thank you Jaslan

Of course, this just shows the first 10 or the selected Quick Controls by the instrument.
All of the controllers are available to select (and they are named, not just generic like "CC1, CC2, CC3, etc.) IF the instruments provides names for them. I checked this in Kontakt. On the automation line, which defaults to “Volume”, Click on the parameter box (i.e. Volume) and select “More…”
Then, you can select from a variety of places to choose parameters, such as the instrument, the MIDI channel, the Strip, Mixer settings, etc., When you expand the instrument tree, all the parameters should be there, with names (if they are provided names by the instrument).

Cool I will check it.
Thank you for the detailed explanation