Midi CC For VST Instrument Volume

I’ve recently moved to Cubase from Logic and am curious about how to get a midi controller I’m using (M-Audio Trigger Finger) to control the volume of a vst instrument.

I’ve assigned one of the faders on the Trigger Finger to Midi CC 07 and when I am in Logic, this fader controls the volume of an instrument.

However when I’m in Cubase and setup the same instrument, moving the fader controls the overall stereo out level, not the volume level of the VST instrument. I attached a screen shot which shows the instrument volume level I’m trying to control.

I looked in both the Quick Controls setup and the generic editor and couldn’t find the parameter to adjust or assign to a midi cc so that i can reassign this to my midi controller.

Any feedback would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance

Mike D
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In NI Kontakt you can assign any parameter to any MIDI CC directly. So you can solve it in Kontakt.

Why do you prefer to control this parameter over controlling the Fader in Cubase, please?

Thanks for the reply Martin… After looking into it more, I noticed that the fader I setup does control the volume of the vst instrument. If I expand the vst instrument view I see the volume move (see attached pic with arrow).

In this case what I’m realizing that is different in Cubase than in Logic, is that in cubase Midi CC #7 controls the main stereo out fader and in Logic it does not.

To answer your question about my preference…

I have a midi fader controller (Icon Platform M) that has faders for all of my tracks. So I like having the added flexibility of being able to adjust the volume of the track separate from the volume of the instrument. That way if the track has automation and I need to tweak the global volume of the instrument, It’s easy to do without needing to adjust the automation.

I’m just use to the way Logic functioned with my setup so I’m slowly finding how Cubase communicates with midi messages and making adjustments to have it function similarly

Mike D

see attached pick

MIDI CC 7 should function exactly like it did in Logic, only controlling the volume level of the instrument assigned to that channel. There’s something wrong with the way you’ve set things up.

Hmmm. Do you have any tips on how to trouble shoot/where to look to see where the MIDI CC 7 might be mis assigned within Cubase?

Nevermind… I figured it out. I had followed instructions from a different post on a different topic where I wanted to control the volume of the click track as a fader in the mixer.

While I did not find a way to do this, there was a solution to assign the volume of the click via a Midi CC command. I added a generic remote device to my midi setup, assigned it to the Trigger Finger and then added a Control name for Click Volume and assigned it to the click level of the metronome.

What i didn’t realize is that I should have deleted all the other controls that are pre-setup when you add a new Generic Remote device.

One of these controls was for Midi CC#7 to control the main stereo volume. So after I deleted all but the one Control I needed, it works perfectly.

Mike D