Midi cc not work with Nucleus Audio Imperia library

Hello everyone,
I have been having issue with setting up midi controllers for my orchestral template. I am currently attempting to use a Novation Launch Control XL to program midi cc information while I play notes on a separate controller. The issue I am having is that my Nucleus library does not respond to my Novation controller within the DAW. Nucleus does work with the controller when I use it in the Kontact 7 standalone application however. All other libraries work perfectly aswell such as Spitfire, and Orchestral tool work perfectly. I suspected it was the kontact player but I tried loading spitfire libraries and they still worked. Does anyone know any solutions to this problem?

Maybe try setting the input to your MIDI channel / instrument to “all” inside the DAW.
That was it sees any controller.

I have figured out the issue. I was using a controller template from another post on this forum. (https://forums.steinberg.net/t/launch-control-xl-midi-remote/776691)It turns out my Novation Controller was mapped to Nuendo’s quick controls instead of directly midi to cc information. This had to be changed using the Novation Components application. Everything now works! This also solved another issue with modulation and expression cc information not being recorded!

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