Midi cc to note nbr (VCF cutoff via CV controller)

I’ve got a Behringer Crave, which does not support cutoff control via midi, but does work via CV
I’m using a Toriaz Squid as a “midi to CV” converter, which works, but only with V/Oct
So I can send midi notes to the Squid, which then depending on the octave open or close the filter

Drawing midi notes is a pain, So I’m pretty sure the Input Transformer is one of the tools that can help me. Though I’m to stupid to figure it out.

Basically I want note# C1 to C6 to correspond with CC5 value 0-71
So if I draw CC5 curve from 0-71 the transformer does it’s job sending not numbers out real time
Any advise on HOW to configure the input transformer to make this work?
Ot are there smarter ways to do this?


If I understand you right, then the Transformer would look like this:

Filter Target
Type Is | Equal | Controller | And
Value 1 | Equal | CC 5 (Portamento)

Action Target
Type | Set to fixed value | Note
Value 1 | Use Value 2
Value 2 | Set to fixed value | 100


This changes the value of MIDI CC5 to the MIDI Note Pitch and set the Velocity of the MIDI Note to 100.