MIDI CC to project tempo

Looking through the manual I don’t see this option, but I thought I’d ask:

Any way to control the project tempo track via MIDI CC?


I assume you are trying to adjust the tempo while you listen to the song. In the Tempo Track Editor there is a slider which lets you change & record Tempo values. Sounds good, but it is pretty useless since the Tempo doesn’t change in real time as you record it. You have to stop and replay in order to hear the changes.

I can understand audio tracks would not handle it well, but for all MIDI projects it would be a very useful feature to perform the tempo with a MIDI controller.

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This would be a super useful tool to create realistic midi performances.

I absolutely agree.

I did try to use the MIDI Remote but my results were not good for real time recording purposes, due to pauses occurring while updating the Tempo.

Here’s a short video demonstrating my approach, Cubase 12-13, Using MIDI Remote to update Tempo

And here’s the snippet I’ve shared in this forum.

Now, in CB13 I saw the new option for the Tap Tempo → Insert Tempo Event at Cursor Position. Maybe, if this one is turned to a key command too, the results get better.