Midi cc values not detected

I recently upgraded to cubase 9. When using my access virus knobs and trying to map them as midi controllers for native instruments reaktor while cubase is loaded the midi cc is not being sent through. Cubase doesn’t show activity when I turn the knobs in the midi reception, but my motu microlite shows midi data, and when going direct into reaktor it sees it. Why is cubase not registering or pushing the data through? I checked to see if my midi was being filtered in cubase but it doesn’t appear to be. Please help, I’ve been banging my head against this wall for 4 hours tonight and have had no luck looking this up online.

Over the same motu microlite it does detect my midi notes on my k2000 and it’s mod wheel and cc wheel. I do have it set up on the track for all midi inputs and all inputs in the microlite as set as active in cubase.

Do you have a Generic Remote Device set up, with your Access Virus as its input? If so, that would prevent it from reaching the tracks in the Project window.

I didn’t set-up a generic remote device, I don’t know if one is on by default in Cubase 9? I’ll have to research how to check that when I get home tonight.

I only checked to confirm all the midi inputs were enabled which they were. Its particularly strange as the MOTU Microlite shows that definitely midi is being sent by the Virus, and the midi input detector in soft synths seems to see it as they will light up (like in Reaktor), but the midi input in quickbase is not lighting up. Midi inputs are set up to all. I tried to select the specific midi input of the virus, and it still doesn’t detect it or show there is any incoming midi, although clearly everything but Cubase is seeing it, and Cubase isn’t passing it through for Reaktor to use it.

Tonight I’ll boot reaktor in standalone mode, and I’ll bet it will detect and use the midi CC so it is definitely something with Cubase.