Midi CC7 reset no more?

In Dorico 3.1 version history it states: If explicit CC7 or CC10 automation data is present, the initial value from the MIDI fader in the Mixer is no longer output in preference to the automation when starting playback. I am finding this to be the case which is great…I am also finding that even when there is NO explicit automation data present, Dorico no longer sends out a CC7 reset command. In 3.0.10 it would always reset to 100 when stoping playback, which I guess was the fader value (I never use the Mixer in Dorico as I use VEPro). This new behavior is most welcome IMHO…Thanks!, but just checking that this is the expected behavior, even when there is no explicit automation data, and checking that it will stay this way. As I said, for me, this is much better now…

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Grainger2001 hello,
Where here Dorico Pro 3.1 still sends CC7 data to Kontakt… Did you find any option to turn it off? I think it is still not presented.

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Hi Thurisaz,
I remember your post about Kontakt and it also came up when I searched the forum for CC7. I have done some more checking and this is what I have found: Using Dorico 3.1 and VEPro on the same machine, I am finding the same behavior as before, even when there is is explicit CC7 data in the Play lane. However, I also use two slave computers running VSL VIPro players within VEpro Instances…For these slave computers, the CC7 data does not go through anymore and the CC7 Fader stays in whatever state it was left in. This was not what happened in 3.0.10, where the same thing occurred as you experience…Midi reset on CC7 was always sent. This seems strange…firstly that it is different on my slave computers rather than locally, and then the fact that the version history says that if there is explicit data in the CC7 lane of PLAY mode, then this should not happen…and it seems like it still is…
Maybe some other users can check?
I know Paul normally chimes in on these sort of topics…do you have any insights Paul?
Consistent behavior would be useful…
Thank you

Very interesting… I have serious problem with the Elicenser… I’m not able to run both Dorico and VE Pro 7 together, with the latest version of eLicenser software… But for they work. Which version of eLicenser software you are using?
I’m running them both on the same Workstation.

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Can you clarify exactly what you mean by ‘cc7 midi reset’? Do you mean the midi cc to reset all controllers? Or something else?

Hi Paul, What I mean by ‘reset’ is that the fader jumps back to 100 as soon as you hit PLAY. It seems to do this regardless of whether there is CC7 automation data or not. What I was finding was that with the advent of v.3.1, this was not happening on my slave machines, but still does happen when I use VEPro instances on the same machine as Dorico. I found this perplexing, but I think what Thurisaz and I are both asking is: Can Dorico stop outputting a Midi CC7 = 100 message every time you hit PLAY?

Yes, Dorico’s Mixer should behave like the one in Cubase. No any data to the instruments, unless it’s set by the user! :slight_smile:
I would like to add a small Feature Request here: Please, add Volume indications to the Channel Faders! :slight_smile:
If you slide the faders up, or down, nothing gives you information about the decibels…

Thank you in advance for the improvements! :slight_smile:

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I should add to my question in my post at 8-10pm above: Can Dorico stop outputting a Midi CC7 = 100 message every time you hit PLAY?..Or can we have an option to turn this off.

Option to turning this off could actually make the things more problematic. The best solution is already presented in Cubase. All CCs are inactive until you modify them by recording data with controller, or manually by the pencil tool. No other way will work better than this one! :slight_smile:
The team behind Dorico could ask their colleagues who work on Cubase for assistance. :slight_smile:

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This behaviour is intentional. When playback starts, the cc7 is sent according to its value in the midi mixer. A couple of people have requested the ability to disable this, and so we’ll add this to our backlog. I think we have a good enough understanding of the requirements to do it without assistance.

Paul hello,
That’s great! :slight_smile: Could I share an idea about the activating of CC7. This could happen automatically when the user starts recording data, by controller, or manually for CC7. But this should activate it per channel, not globally! In case we need to edit the CC7 just for certain instruments.
Could be some Option for example: [Activate CC7 Volume Globally] [Activate CC7 Volume Per Instrument]( This one will disable the current behavior of the Mixer and will make to work in the Cubase style) . It could be placed somewhere in the Preferences in a new section Mixer, or Mixer Settings.
This is just an idea on this topic. :slight_smile:

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