MIDI CC's filtered despite default MIDI filter settings

Please HELP me to solve this annoying problem in Cubase Pro 8.5:
I create an instrument track and load a VSTi synth (Xfer Records Serum, for example). I arm the track for recording and twiddle MIDI knobs on my external keyboard (KORG Triton classic): LPF Cutoff (CC#74) and Resonance (CC#71), etc. Clearly, these MIDI messages are being received by Cubase, because in the Transport Panel, the blue vertical bar of the MIDI Activity Monitor is responding as I twiddle the knobs. In Preferences / MIDI / MIDI Filter, I have restored the default settings - so no incoming MIDI messages should be being filtered. However, the CC#74 and CC#71 messages are not getting through to my instrument track and my VSTi (Serum), because when I try to MIDI learn CC#74 to the filter cutoff and CC#71 to the filter resonance, nothing happens. Also, if I record some notes while twiddling these knobs, the corresponding CCs are not being recorded. The weird thing is: other MIDI CC’s from my external keyboard ARE being transmitted to my VSTi and are being recording.
What is stopping certain MIDI CC’s from getting through to my instrument track? I have no idea and this is maddening me. :imp: What am I missing?
NB: I also have Cockos Reaper installed. In Reaper, the messages ARE getting through to my soft synth. Please HELP!

Check Devices>Track and VST Quick controls might be routed from your device. (a couple paragraphs would make for excellent readability too.)

Solved - thanks :smiley:
I went to Devices / Device setup … / Remote Devices, where there are three pages:

  • Generic Remote
  • Track Quick Controls
  • VST Quick Controls
    On all three of these pages I set MIDI Input to ‘Not Connected’, deleted all non-default routing entries and clicked on the ‘Reset’ button.
    Now all my MIDI CC’s are being sent to MIDI and Instrument tracks as expected!
    Thanks for the hint. :smiley: