Midi Channel 123 not being received from HW

For some reason, MIDI CC123 is not being picked up from my Launch Control. I’ve ruled a problem with LC hardware knob (change it to another CC and it works fine).

Whatever the problem, it is global as it doesn’t work in new blank project. I’ve cleared all my VST and Track Quick Controls and checked the input transformer on the MIDI channel.

Any one got any ideas?


Quite obvious - MIDI filters!

CC123 is filtered by default…why do you need to access this from a controller…are you getting hung notes?

DOH! I knew it was something obvious, thanks.

No, I have 8 Launch Control User Templates set up with consecutive CC’s mapped to the 16 knobs. I set the LC as an I/P to my VST synths and map the knobs to synth controls, this way I can just switch templates to edit different synths.

I was using Template 8 and that has 123 mapped to one of the knobs - I’d forgotten about AllNotesOff!

Thanks for the quick responses :slight_smile: