midi channel changes

In my orchestra setup I use for muted instruments (strings, brass) separate channels and I made in the expression maps for “con sordino” and “senza sordino” an absolute channel change. This works fine in Dorico.
In my setup I use 4 loopmidi virtual cables and I use Samplitude Pro X4 Suite as the audio engine.

When I export a midi file of an orchestra piece and import it into Samplitude Pro I encounter a problem.
Within Samplitude there are 2 ways to send midi events of a track to the right channel.

  1. I can force all events of a track to be sent to a specific channel by a setting of that track (Channel Out e.g. 1)
  2. I can set this setting on “all channels” (and of course I need that setting, when I use two channels in one instrument).

In the last situation Samplitude reads the channel data placed within the midi data of that track.
I have enclosed a screenshot of a part of a midi list of events of the violins 1 part. The channel data are within the red outline.

And here a problem occurs.
In the midi data of the violins 1 I see several channel values, but mostly not the right channel for the muted violins 1. (In my occasion the muted violins 1 should have channel 2, and from out Dorico with Loopmidi to Samplitude this works fine).

I can correct the channel data manually in the list and then it works fine again. But this can become a little complicated, if there are many muted/unmuted changes .

Is there a tool in Dorico that the right channel data are exported with the other midi data in the exported midi file?

Thanks for your help in advance.

Are you using the independent voice playback feature in Dorico to route each voice on your divisi staves to a separate endpoint? That would be worth a try, if not, as it should allow you to separate each voice out so that it is exported on its own channel. Do note, of course, that you can only address a total of 16 channels in a MIDI file, so if you are using multiple ports in VST3 plug-ins, etc., that information cannot be exported in a MIDI file.

Thank you, Daniel, for your reply. I tried the idea of independent voice playback and I figured out that this is a good solution.