MIDI channel mute button does not work

Hello there!

I have Cubase Pro 8.5.30 on Windows 7.
Everything was working fine and this problem occurred couple of days ago.
Problem is that when i add MIDI track and set everything as usual with my hardware synths,
i play some notes on record enabled track and it works.

However, when i mute that track, and play my MIDI controller keyboard, it still receives notes, as if it’s not muted.
I tried everything - reseting midi controller, reseting computer and Cubase, adding new tracks and deleting old ones…
every possible thing i could think of.

Thanks in advance,


P.S. I’ve tried my best to find a post with similar problem, but no success.

Hi and welcome,

If you add the MIDI Monitor MIDI Insert, can you see the outgoing MIDI data in the Monitor, while the track is Muted?

Hi Martin, sorry for late response.

Now i’m questioning myself, and i think that happened from the very beginning, and that it is a normal thing. :frowning:

I’m gonna check with MIDI Monitor first thing tomorrow and write you.