Midi Channel note colors

Hi. I have Midi track with channel 4 (midi 4) and I record some note with my keyboard. This notes are RED, midi channel 1. If I add manually with pencil tool (in midi editor) the note are correctly green (midi channel 4). This is a problem when I open multiple midi track (arrangement) with different midi channel. I must change channel manually…



you can set the system of coloring tracks in the Key Editor of Cubase. There is Event Color palete in the Key Editor. If it’s not displayed, right-click on the too bar, and display it.

Here you can set, colors will be set by Velocity, Pitch, Channel, Part, Grid Match, Sound Slot, Chord Track, Voice. You set Channel, probably, so Cubase displays different color for different channels of the track.

I’m using Celocity or Part settings, in my own template.

No. I say that if I am in midi channel 4 and I record some notes with my keyboard those are MIDI CHANNEL 1 NOTES.

In this case, your MIDI device send data on MIDI channel 1. Switch it to the channel 4, or different one. Or, once you record MIDI data, change channels of all recorded MIDI notes to the 4th MIDI channel (or different one).

So problem is not the color (you want to use different colors for different channels), but different channels, right?

Because of this, I’m not using color depended upon the channel, but I’m using color depended on track color (part).