MIDI channel question

On my keyboard, I have a turn knob to select the MIDI channel that goes out.

In Cubase I have filled a Halion Sonic SE3 VST instrument with 5 instrument patches (trumpet, piano etc.). I have assigned them MIDI channel 1 to 5

By turning the knob on my keyboard I can then select and then play on my keyboard each one of the 5 patches, except the patch on channel 1, although channel 1 is clearly selected on my keyboard.

Why doesn’t Cubase pick up channel 1?

Works as expected here. Upload some screencaps of settings or an example cpr??

Thx for testing. Here’s the screen grab.

This time, I loaded 3 cello patches into the VST that’s on the Cello track. If I select channel 2 and 3 on my keyboard, it indeed sounds patch 2 and 3, but when I select channel 1 on my keyboard, nothing sounds. The little orange lamp in the top left corner of the Sonic interface isn’t lighting up either. However, the Cubase MIDI input bar is lighting up. So the MIDI signal of channel 1 is coming in alright. When I change the channel in the Inspector of the Cello track from “any” to “1” in playback (“any” doesn’t work), patch 1 is played without a problem.

It’s not just with Halion Sonic, also with third party VSTs.

Did you verify your keyboard is indeed sending on Ch 1? (a midi monitor insert will tell you that)

Yeap, MidiOx confirms it.

The pic above shows slot 3 selected, so the midi channel slot 1 is receiving on is not visible. Did you verify slot one of HSSE is set to Channel 1?

EDIT: Sorry, probably not relevant…Don’t think this can be the issue if changing the channel from any to 1 does trigger the instrument.

In case it’s not obvious to you where to check/change the receiving channel for a slot.

By this time, I have double and triple checked these channel settings :wink: Slot 1 is set to channel 1 alright.

Thx, but was obvious to me before I started this threat.

The MidiOx outprint (see picture) confirms that the keyboard is sending out on Channel 1.

I started with the selection knob on the keyboard set to Channel 1 and then pressed random of keys across the 88 keys, then I changed to Channel 2, did the same, then Channel 3 etc.

So up on to the point that the signals enter Cubase, everything appears to be OK.

I’m wondering if Cubase has somehow reserved the externally incoming Channel 1 for other duties. Is that at all conceivable? As said, I not only have this problem with Halion Sonic, but also with my EastWest library. No patch that is on Channel 1 can be played by my keyboard. The on-screen 88 keys keyboard remains unpressed. Patches on Channel 1 can, however, be played by Cubase in playback.

Checked midi filter? No midi inserts? Rebooted computer?
Otherwise I’m pretty much stumped

Well Grim, I guess that’s why they call you a Grand Senior Member. Under Preference > MIDI Filter the little square containing the number 1 was indeed … highlighted (in a very light shade of grey). Must have unwittingly fiddled with it when I started Cubase two weeks back. If you’re in my time zone, I’ll buy you a drink. Anyways eternally indebted.