MIDI channel set after import, but not displayed?

Hello, I have Cubase 11 Artist on Windows 10. Today I imported a Midi file, and Cubase correctly added the tracks and a HALion multi-part. It played correctly, using the channels and GM instruments from the file. However, only for one midi track (out of 6) the midi channel was set in the UI, visible. All others showed up as „any“, even though they seem to be mapped the right way internally.

Did I do something wrong, miss anything, or is this unexpected behaviour from Cubase? When I import a midi file and would like to have the midi channels set in the Inspector like in the source file, do I have to look it up in the Midi Event list and then change it manually, or is there a quicker way?

I hope I phrased this in an understandable way, if not I will be glad to provide additional information.

Thanks and regards

If you read this manual entry you will understand how it can work that way.


Thanks a big lot, exactly what I needed. :slight_smile: