Midi channels Inputs and outputs

I have purchased a3000 yamaha Psr keyboard and cubase pro 10

i am recording built in styles e.g " 80s Power Rock " from yamaha a3000 to cubase , i use yahma setting " all parts" midi setting to transmit channels from 9 to 16 . When i record in cubase it saved all the parts on the style from ch9 to ch 16 into one midi track but from all channels in all my midi tracks. I am using many track in cubase for all channels received from yamha a3000 keyboard e.g midi 01 track ch 9 , midi 02 track ch10 upto midi 08 ch16

Do you have ways to record each channels seprately. e.g in studio one , you can spcifiy input ch1 and output also ch1 , in cubase i can put from the input only. is there any way to define the outputs

Thanks :blush:

i solved the issues. just click right in the midi track and select from cubase menu dissolve midi. all channells will be seprated. there is also another soultion if someone need more. i am ready.