Midi channels

I’m trying to use the Yamaha TNR-i ipad app to trigger separate midi channels in Cubase via the midi iRig cable. Each track or layer of the TNR-i is factory set to trigger a numbered midi channel - however I’m getting all layers of the TNR-i going into each midi track in Cubase - I’ve been changing the midi channel number under ‘midi in’ on the track info on the right hand side of Cubase - but perhaps this isn’t the correct way to do it.

This is a video where someone is out putting from the TNR-i to a synth, I want to do this but to Cubase midi channels. Can anyone help?


Covered many times, use Input Transformer to filter channels.

The channel number that you’re tweaking effects only the midi going out to the selected midi output.

The midi coming into the channel (and thus being recorded and/or sent back out) can only filtered by the aforementioned Input Transformer.

I would suggest to Steinberg that they change the tooltip to say ‘Output Channel’ because it’d be more obvious then.


Thanks very much for your help.