MIDI Chase causing pops...

Hi everyone. I am having a problem. I am running a large orchestral session (about 300 midi tracks) and for some of the samples, I have MIDI CC assigned to different mic positions, and different filters to different faders, etc. What I do with strings, for example, is at Bar 1 beat 1 create a 1bar long midi flag with a good volume, mod, expression, and three or so other CC levels for close med far mic position. This way, I can just select a track and play a part and it’s fairly close to where I want it without having to go back and play through the flag to get the CC commands. In pref’s I have Chase not limited to part boundaries, otherwise it would not do this. Now, the problem is that every time I hit play or stop, the MIDI information causes the playback to pop and snat loudly as all the tracks are sending their starting and ending values at the same time.
I have been doing this for a while and haven’t had this problem before. Has anyone run into this problem. Did I check a box or something that I shouldn’t have? Specs are below…Thanks


Power Mac 8core
OSX v10.6.8 (64bit)
Cubase v6.5.4
MolCP v3.3.900