midi chorder...how to use it?

I am hitting cntrl/shift alt, its not doing anything, how do i make my own chord progressions with it? Thanks, i dont see much in the manual about it.

I must admit that the previous version of the Chorder, which got replaced by this one as of Cubase 5, had a GUI that was much easier to understand. (Also, I’ve just noticed that there’s a most confusing misprint in the Plug-in Reference.pdf, in the top-right area of page #61… it reads…“Operating modes”, then lists “Global Key”, “One Octave”, then “Global Key” again! The first should read, instead, “All Keys”).
Anyways, (apart from one other misleading line in the Reference doc, which I shall explain a bit later***), the documentation really is not bad at all…

But, if I am reading correctly, you are trying to enter notes without first clicking on “Learn”? Once you have clicked on “Learn”, the section of the GUI where you can enter notes, will highlight in red. and you can enter the notes either via your external keyboard, or by clicking directly in the GUI.

***The doc states that, in Global Key mode, there is no need to enter the trigger key (because it is always based around middle C), but in fact, you do have to enter the note manually, just the same as with the other two modes (but in this instance it doesn’t matter what note though… it will always be as if you had entered middle C).

what about having the chord show up with all the notes, instead of root note? or what about making a progression. I hit learn, and it doesn’t do anything. How do i reprogram stored presets?

I’m not sure I understand your question… but I’m guessing you want “All Keys” mode rather than “Global Key” mode.

or what about making a progression.

Please explain.

I hit learn, and it doesn’t do anything.

As explained in the Help document, Plug-in Reference.pdf>MIDI Effects>Chorder (pg.62), when you click on “Learn”, the virtual keyboard of the Chorder lights up in red, then you select the note which will eventually trigger the chord (you select the note either by playing it in from your external keyboard, or by clicking on it with the mouse). As soon as you have done so, the keyboard looks “normal” again, and the next section in the GUI turns red (the number of rows you see depends upon the number of layers (maximum of 8… controlled by the upper horizontal slider). Those upper rows do in fact represent the corresponding notes on the keyboard (although they aren’t black & white :wink: ). When that section has turned red, you can enter the notes that will form the chord…
a) If you enter the notes via the mouse, the “Learn” button will remain on until you click on it again.
b) If you enter the notes via your external keyboard, the Learn button will remain on for as log as you are still holding down at least one note. It turns off automatically as soon as you release all notes.

If you have more than one layer enabled, the next layer (row) will now turn red. Layers, as explained in the documentation, allow you to set different chords for the same trigger note, according to velocity, or alternatively, according to the interval between two played trigger notes.
When all rows are no longer red, and the Learn button is off, the preset for that note is ready, and (in all modes apart from Global Key), you can now repeat the process for the next trigger note.

How do i reprogram stored presets?

If you mean, editing certain parts of an existing preset, that will be easier to explain once you’ve succeeded in creating one :wink:.

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But I found this: http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/apr10/articles/cubasetech_0410.htm


That’s a really good article, Como (as is often the case with S.O.S) :wink:.

I’ve been using chorder to in All Keys mode and discovered it doesn’t let you assign a chord to every midi note number (i.e. 0 - 127). The lowest C note can’t have a chord assigned and I think maybe a couple at the top.

While it’s not a big deal, I found the limitation odd because someone made a decision that nobody would want to use those notes and then went to the effort to build in the limitation.

Hello Raino,
I’ve just checked, and you are right, it does seem that MIDI note #0 cannot be assigned (but I was able to assign right at the very top of the keyboard).
I’m more inclined to think this is a little bug, rather than a deliberate decision. (EDIT: in fact I am pretty sure now… try to assign something to that lowest note on the GUI’s keyboard (MIDI note #0), and it will instead assign your new chord to the last trigger note that you had assigned instead!)

I’m still confused by one aspect: The “Layers.”

I don’t see the slider that would allow me to choose the number of layers I wish to use. Any help in this specific regard is much appreciated.


I LOVE Cubase´s Midi plugins! because they are easy to use and they are so comfortable.
No other DAW has such potential to explore musical ideas and stimulate new ways in MIDI.

So, I hope for improvements - and more new inspiring Midi plugins…



Another +1 for more MIDI Plugins!! Come one Stingyberg…

BTW does anyone know of anyone or anywhere that has for free or even sells more Chorder presets, as in more chords with layers and stuff, to add into Chorder? …I cant find anything anywhere and I really would like some more!