Midi + click not audible

Hi Guys,

So I started a project yesterday. Did some midi and some audiotracks.
Just now when i re-opend this project my midi and clicktrack (for some reason) are not sounding when I play back the recording. I can’t get any midisound for that matter although midi is coming in!
I changed absolutely nothing since last night, i just shut down my laptop en rebooted this evening.

I also had to reassigne the outputs for the audio-tracks. They are now playing but that’s not normal either.

When I start a new project everything is working just fine!
Understandably I don’t wanna start over. Please help me ASAP, it’s real urgent!

Thanks in advance!

ps: included a screenshot whilst playing midi keyboard

Midi is not sound…so tell us what the midi is supposed to be triggering…did you load vst instruments?

If so they will also have an instrument output channel and if you needed to reassign audio outs you probably also need to assign these channels to your stereo out in the same way.

Oh yes sorry i’m a bit of a noob :relaxed:.
But yeah it’s suppose to trigger vst instruments. All the inputs and outputs for the midi tracks are as they should be and in a new project they do what they’re suppose to day. But for the life of me i can’t get it to work in my excisting project. Clikctrack ditto!


I added a screenshot to my first post!!

You’ve confirmed the midi goes to the instrument but not that the instrument out goes to the stereo out…select an instrument track not a midi track and check the output routing.