Midi Clicking Noise

Hi there,

when recording Midi with Cubase 8 Pro with the Babyface Interface I hear a soft clicking noise, with each note. This is only, when the button “activate recording” on the track is enabled.
However, when playing back the recording, I hear the clicking noise with every note, wheather this is activated or not.

Do you have a clue?

Thanks, Stefan


Where are these MIDI data routed? Virtual Instrument (which one?), or hardware synth (which one?) or any other hardware device?

Thanks Martin for looking int this! It’s going to my hardware stage piano.

Can you locate, from where the noise comes from? Can you hear it in the headphones connected directly to the stage piano? Does it come from the stage piano connected to the Audio Device? Or from another source from the Audio Device?

So far, I have no idea, sorry. We have to find something, where to start.

Hi Stefan,

I seem to have the exact same problem when recording midi with my RME Babyface: A weird clicking noise following each midi on/off.

So I am curious: Did you find a solution to the problem?

Thanks in advance,
Peter K.

Hi guys,

Did you notice a significant real-time peak increase, when you open the KeyEditor (or any other MIDI editor)?

I just had this experience today with the RME sound card. I wonder, if it’s somehow related.

Could you try to install older RME driver, please?

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the answer.

No, I don’t get the real-time peak increase that you mention when switching to any of the midi editors in Cubase.

I tried to uninstall the RME Babyface completely and then reinstalling it using an older driver (version 1.68). Unfortunately, it didn’t change the situation. The unwanted clicks following every midi message is still there.

Normally, I would suspect the problem to relate to the fact that I am using an older version of Cubase (version 6.0.7) and that it might help if I upgraded. However, since Stefan (the original creator of this thread) is having the same problem using Cubase 8 Pro I guess that is not the problem.

Hm, what to do?


The clicking noise is coming from your breakout cable…

Call your dealer and exchange the cable…

Hi ggc,

Thanks for the advice. Sounds like a reasonable explanation.

I will call the dealer tomorrow and update this thread as soon as I have tried with a new breakout cable.

Thanks to both of you for taking the time to help.


What kind of cable is a ‘breakout cable’?

Hi jamusic,

You can see the breakout cable on this page: http://www.rme-audio.de/en/products/cables.php

It is the cable shown at the top of the page (BF-BOXLRMKH).


Oh right - Ok, now I remember what they are.

Thanks for the link Peter.