midi clip editing behavior

I am not sure if i am doing something wrong here, but the behavior of midi in the main window is not reacting quite as i expected…

after recording parts and getting a ruff arrangement of my midi clips (intro - verse -hook - verse- etc…) i will go thru and trim little bits here and there (like at the end of phrases to create transitions and such … ) Sometimes i want to go back and restore a part i had clipped out. With audio, i can just drag the clip back out and all the hidden audio is restored… With midi, if i drag out a clip that had been shorted by dragging the edge, there are no notes being revealed! This is not the END OF THE WORLD for my workflow (as i probably have the notes i want somewhere else in a duplicate clip that was never trimmed off) but still… Is there an option that would stop my midi notes from evaporating the moment i resize the clip down??

I haven’t seen a preference option for this, so if you know whats goin on, please lemme know!!


The notes are still there, somewhere, but muted. A better practice would be splitting the clip and dragging the unwanted to elsewhere or using the Range tool to select and delete the unwanted bits.

wow, i thought there used to be a way you could toggle this behaviour in the past. Other DAWs don’t do it like this (none that i do MIDI in anyways)… Its pretty crazy to have it operate this way IMO… i see absolutely no benifit to the notes becoming hard to get…As is, I have to make decisions and use UNDO right away if i don’t want a headache later… WOW so much faster easier LOL

Make sure your sizing option is set to Normal instead of “Moves Content”.

thanks for the tip! i never knew about the options under arrow tool… the timestretch option under there will probably come in handy now that i know its there too…

as for my question… I did some more playing around with it and i see now that if i slice off a chunk from a midi clip and hit delete on the chunk, thats when i can’t get the notes back by dragging out the clip again. If i simply resize the clip (with the option set to normal), it will come back normally.

I’ll just have to remember to resize the clips initially instead of using slice and delete…


Yep, that’s the ticket. You can also make ghost and real copies to work with. It’s worth looking into. It can be confusing at first, but long term it will help you tremendously.