MIDI Clock causing massive latency

Hi :slight_smile:

When Cubase 4.5 sends MIDI Clock out, then my Korg Triton and Access Virus C (connected via the Triton’s MIDI Thru) sync to Cubase’s tempo, since they are both set to receive external MIDI Clock. Hurray.

Now, if I play my Korg Triton live, to record a part, I’m getting a quarter second of latency between hitting the key, and the Triton or Virus sounding. This makes recording impossible.

This isn’t the few milliseconds of ASIO latency which we are all used to. It occurs intermittently and leaves an offputting delay in between pressing a key and hearing the synth. If I hit the keys right on time with a bass drum, the lag makes it sound like I am playing the reggae “Skank Rhythm” … in between the drums.

Sometimes, it’s out of sync straight away, and other times it jumps out of sync after a few minutes.

On the other hand, when I have the Project Syncronisation Setup in Cubase set to not send the MIDI Clock out, then when I strike a key on the Triton’s keyboard, the synths play instantly. However, the synths are out sync with Cubase’s tempo, so it’s impossible to write the music I want to create.

“Use System timestamp” is switched on for Windows MIDI and DirectMusic inputs.

I’m considering buying a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 USB Audio Interface, but I wonder if the problem is with the MIDI setup, the M-Audio Delta 1010Lt sound card driver on Windows 7 64bit, or Cubase (both 4.5 or 8 exhibit this problem using my current setup). When I use Renoise, my synths stay perfectly in sync.

I’ve already lost about 20 hours of my life due to this. Please help!

I bought a Focurite Scarlett 18i20, and now my MIDI and audio work perfectly in Cubase 4.5. Mystery solved.

When I get the cash, I will be upgrading to Cubase 8 :slight_smile: