MIDI Clock Out Question

A quick question please……

I’m pretty new to Cubase and I’ve checked the manual but can’t seem to find the answer which I’m sure is very simple.

I use all external synths and am having no issues recording and playing back the various tracks to the corresponding synths.

My issue is I’ve got arpeggiators set up on programs/patches and although Cubase it starting/stopping them correctly as recorded the arpeggiated patterns do not slow down or speed up when the project tempo is adjusted. They just play at the same speed.

The external synths are set up correctly to receive the data so I don’t believe the issue is there. I’m guessing there may be something I need to activate within Cubase to have the tempo clock work.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Just to be clear…
are you saying that the external synths have arpeggiators in their presets… in which case, you need to set those external synths to slave from MIDI clock, rather than from their own internal clocks, and then, in Cubase, activate MIDI clock Out to the corresponding MIDI port(s) (Cubase, Transport menu>Project Synchronization Setup>MIDI Clock Out>MIDI Clock Destinations.