MIDI Clock Sync

Hey guys, are you going to add MIDI clock sync in Cubasis for iPad?

I hope as it would be great to send and receive start, stop, tempo etc. to our hardware MIDI gear and other apps.

This would really make the app much more useful. We need it for syncing my drum machines, arpeggiators, LFOs, step/pattern sequencers, etc.

It’s a nice app with a great workflow and really good Virtual MIDI and AudioBus implementation, and I look forward to seeing it grow :slight_smile:

i’m sure it will come sooner or later but let me just quote Sebastian from Audiobus and what he recently wrote about Midi sync (just to lower your expectation):

"Guys, every developer on iOS currently agrees that MIDI sync is really crap. I’ve basically talked with every single one. They all agreed 100%. We’re working on it.’

And sadly this reflect my own experience.

But i would like to highlight the “we are working on it” part.So,it seems the next big iOS thing is already in development :wink:

MIDI clock sync works great in plenty of apps, it’s just not that well documented in the Core MIDI documentation so some developers haven’t quite managed it. Finger seem to have done it well with BassLine and MoDrum so it shows it can be done. Their apps sync flawlessly. StepPolyArp is also a really good example. It can (and has been) done well.

Having a third party tool for sync’ing may offer a possible workaround for sync’ing apps with one another, but you still need regular old MIDI Clock Sync to sync with external MIDI hardware, nothing is going to get around that.

Looking at how Well Steinberg have implemented other features I to Cubasis I’m sure that if they do implement MIDI clock sync then they will do it well. I just hope it’s on their to-do list??

yes,the fingerstuff works well.In fact,this are the only ones that worked well from the apps i own.But"plenty"of apps??C’mon…

And show me one of the Studio/Rhythm/Jam/Daw apps with a tight(!) Midi sync.Beatmaker is a bad joke,runs 1-2 seconds to fast when"syncing" to Logic Pro.Tried it with different interfaces.

But you’re right,It IS possible.Although i don’t care what the exact reason is,it’s just a sadly fact that most apps fail when it comes to tight Midi Sync.

Yes, your right. BeatMaker does seem to have timing issues.

Meteor, however, has rock solid MIDI Clock Sync. It has latency adjustment too (both positive and negative) but you don’t need it when used with BassLine or MoDrum. It’s tight. I guess they put it their so that you can adjust the timing to deal with other apps that haven’t quite nailed it.

Just because many developers have struggled to get it working right (mainly due to the poor documentation available) doesn’t mean that it’s not possible. I’m sure Steinberg must have the know-how to do a good job as they’ve worked with Core MIDI for many years.

Nice info about Meteor.I didn’t know that.Unfortunately do i own Cubasis,Auria,MDAW,Beatmaker and Garageband now.There’s really…REALLY no room (and will to spend the money) for another DAW on my iPad :slight_smile:

I always had an eye on it but the 12 track limit kept me away from a purchase (and it can get quite expensive with the iAP’s).

Any response from Steinberg as to whether MIDI Clock Sync is planned for Cubasis?

Same question here. It would be very helpful when triggering drummachines like DM1 (pretty tough to record it when you have to start the machine exactly where the recording begins (or you don´t do it and adjust it later on which is tricky as well)
Best regards

DM1 is a bad example as it doesn’t support Midi clock :wink:

Only a Midi start/stop command which is not a reliable sync connection.Although it works better than certain apps with"official"midi clock support (yes,i’m looking at you Beatmaker). :slight_smile:

You´re right. I confused it, because the supporters of DM1 stated that they are planning to do a full midi implementation. But honstly, a synced start-stop would be o.K. to begin with as it would at least allow to have a synchronised starting point for a loop or other drum pattern.
So let´s substitute DM1 in my previous post by Molten, which already has a full midi implementation. In any case it would be VERY helpful to have Cubasis sync to other loop or pattern based apps.

I just recorded a bunch of audio track into Cubasis from my external gear, and then had to spend ages trimming all of the recordings afterwards. A real pain to be honest. Cubasis really needs MIDI clock sync!

Any news on that? Seems still be missing midi clock input?