Midi Clock Sync

I am running Cubase 8 and have an external drum machine (Electribe 2) synced with my midi clock.
Is there a way of specifying at what point Cubase sends the midi clock to trigger (i.e. start/stop) the drum machine?
For example, if I don’t want the drum machine to start at the same time as my Cubase tracks and start say half way through a song - is there such a thing as a ‘midi clock controller track’?
Many thanks

I think midi clock is always on or off, but there is a workaround that has been used for decades.
Make an empty pattern and use program changes to switch between them.
Another option is volume automation. (controller 07) That just changes the volume but results in the same effect.
Hope this helps a bit.

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Many thanks - I have been using the empty pattern method, but was wondering if a more modern method may have been introduced by now!
Thanks again for your post.