Midi command

We use Wavelab 11 a a security recording machine. The recording start and stop should be triggered by midi commands. If the recording window is not in focus, the recording command will not be executed which using a midi command should be. If one forces the recording window to stay in focus the recording will be executed but if one executes the record command very fast ( around a second), the new command will not be executed, so there seems to be a delay which is not acceptable. on can see in the record window that a small blue case sorrounds the recordbutton when it is available to use(or function) and that always takes some time. But why this delay? Could that not be changed (to use the midi commands as they are ment to)


MIDI commands acts are key commands. They need a target (a focused window).

Even if this is OFF ?

Yes, even if this is off. If the keystrokes are too fatst(Recording) the rcording will not start. And this no proper Midi implementation, right?


Could it be that your computer is slow?
If you use Keyboard shortcuts and not MIDI commands, does it work?


the problem seems to be that we are using trigger relays to execute the keystrokes. We found that this delays the command a bit. We are about to use a midi command directly and hope that will be the solution.

If this is successful I will report that.



I have tested the WaveLab11 Midi interface with a Python script. For this I created a remote control device and defined the midi command “Note On 95 (B5) Channel 1” for the transport function “Record”. The midi commands sent via the Python script run cleanly even with an interval of 0.05 seconds.

But what does not work is the transport function “Stop”. That means I can stop the recording, which I started with “Note On 95 (B5) Channel 1”, only by sending the same command again.

The Midi command “Stop” (Note On 93 (A5) Channel 1) does not work.

For an automated remote control, e.g. another workstation as fallback recording device, a distinction between “record” and “stop” would be mandatory from my point of view.