Midi Configuration Question

I am using Cubase AI8 and a UR22. I have the L1 and L2 outputs connected to an amp and have a midi keyboard connected to the midi in/out ports.

I can record midi fine and can import a .wav file into a track. So far so good…

When I play this all back, the .wav track plays through the amp and the midi track plays through the midi instrument.

What I wanted was to route all of the tracks through the amp. Am I trying to do something impossible with this hardware/software combination or do I have the configuration wrong? I am attaching images of what I think are the key configuration panel settings.

Any help would be appreciated.



I don’t know 100% what you mean…but press F4 - VST Connections and check inputs and outputs.

You are in the german cubase forum. You should copy your post to the english forum.

Midi tracks just contain data of notes and velocity. They need to be connected with a sound source. If you want to hear your midi tracks through the stereo master in cubase, you need an instrument track with a vst instrument. You can then copy your midi events to the instrument track or connect the midi track with it. Please look for instrument tracks in the manual.