Midi connection issue

Hi. this well maybe have been answered a million times before but I cant find any help on the forums.
I need troubleshoot walkthrough. I am suddenly unable to play in any signal i.e. to Halion from my Yamaha CP5 through my CI2+ into Artist 7.5
I can record an audio track from the piano so I know its not an hardware issue. All the in’s and out’s that I can remember are all "active.VST input/output bus is ok, showing my CI2+.
What on earth should I do now ,It is really beaten the hell out of me, and I am not THAT good at Cubase.
HELP PLZ :smiley:

Few things. One, set the midi input channel in Cubase for the selected midi track (ie. Halion or whatever) to ANY instead of a specific channel (ie. 1-16). Do you hear sound from Halion when you play? If so, you set the Halion midi input to a channel different than the channel output set at your keyboard. Second, do you see midi activity when playing the keyboard into Cubase?.. can you record midi notes? If so, then it’s not a midi issue and report back. Next, does your midi interface have a bypass switch? If so make sure it’s not set to bypass.


Hi thx for your quick reply. I am afraid I understood only about half of what you asked me to do . But basically I have no midi activity from my cp5 even tho I have reinstalled the driver. To check I installed another midi controller keyboard and it worked fine. I have not touched any settings at all on me CP5 .in device setup the cp5 is mentioned in midi in and out although the midi out is "inactive"is this important.? Is the midi out earning out from the keyboard or out from the PC .
Very confused-:))