MIDI connection issues with Roland RD700NX

If anyone can help…

I am trying to set up Cubase 6 with my Roland RD700NX. I have latest updates of everything.

I want to record in the MID generated from the Roland, then have it play back the sounds from the keyboard.

I have the Roland set to local off.
When I record in Cubase I find that the first patch sounds (grand piano), through Cubase, but changing patches using the keyboard controls has no effect. I tried changing channles but this simply brings silence. Everything is piano sounds even if I set a pad sound on the keyboard. I checked out the manual for the Roland and there is no relevent info, I posted on the Roland site but its a dead area with many posts going unanswered.

I know there are lots of very excellent Cubase users - could someone help?

I am running 64 bit Win 7 Ultimate on a PC.

I have a GX and think I can help. Have you loaded a MIDI Device for your piano? If not try these attachments. They’re for the model yours replaced but if the sound banks are the same they should be fine. I made them myself (by copying patch names from the user manual) but they seems to work fine nevertheless. Edit away to suit your needs then drop the final version into “[prefs folder]\Scripts\Patchnames” and you will see your device in the MIDI Device Manager list.

They have the same sounds but in the “subfolders” version, GM instruments are included as subfolders of the main preset groups (using the [g1] and [g2] tags).

You’ll also want to edit the Device Name entries in each file. The asterisk in front of it is to bring it to the top of the list in Cubase and flag it as one of mine.

The [p2,0,87,64] stuff at the start of the line is the command your NX is expecting and you may need to change them. In my manual this info is at the back under “Tone List” and the example here relates to:
p2 = preset level (see “script documentation.txt” in the folder you put these files into)
0 = PC - 1
87 = MSB
64 = LSB
(phew, I’m struggling to remember this…)
RD-700GX Device Script (subfolders).txt (14.8 KB)
RD-700GX Device Script (linear).txt (14.7 KB)
You can now load the piano as a VST Instrument, although having it switched on will give you an echo so I leave it off. In fact, you don’t need it loaded as a VST at all to gain access to your patches from Cubase. I think the only time you need to have the VST part of it loaded is if you want to Bounce it down to audio. I think. Check that when you come to it. I still don’t have all this 100% clear.

I think that should cover it. Any questions/observations, get back to me.


thanks for the info


It is 14 months later and hope this thread is still alive. :astonished:

I want to play midi on the Roland 700NX or GX which I may purchase shortly. So I set the Roland to local off. Midi goes into Cubase 6.5 and I add a midi fx like chords and an a midi arpeggiator to midi out to the in of the Roland to play the internal piano sounds. Is this do-able? :unamused:

Then I will take the audio out of the Roland to the PreSonus Firebox and into Cubase to record the audio. Is this do-able? :unamused:

Thanks in advance. :smiley:

Yes to all that. See the above instructions. Good luck… :wink: