Midi Control Center/Cubase/ Midi Controller Input Issues? Help!

I’m running Cubase 8 on a Mac Power Book. I’m used to running Arturia’s Keylab 88 controller direct into computer (USB) as my main midi input device in Cubase on a variety of VST Instruments, however recently I bought an Arturia Drum Brute, which required me to download MIDI CONTROL CENTER.

Since installing Midi Control Center (which was buggy and required firmware updates etc) NOW in Cubase all of my controllers (Keylab 88, DrumBrute) are suddenly being read as “Controllers” but not “Midi-Input Devices” For example CUBASE synchronization is reading the controller and letting me do things like use it to press PLAY/REC/STOP etc, but if I pull up a New VST instrument track and assign it to the controller, there is no MIDI Input from the keyboard or drum pads. Only the device working as a slave controller, but not a midi input device (to say Vienna Instruments, or Analog Lab). Even though the device is being read as “active” and works fine in all other stand alone scenarios, i.e. if I open Analog Lab on it’s own outside of cubase the Keylab 88 operates it fine.

In short. I’ve lost midi-input connectivity between whatever external controller I’m plugging in, somewhere in-between MIDI CONTROL CENTER (which I don’t entirely get) and CUBASE.

Everything else is normal. Record is enabled, Device Setup shows active controller available. Does this have to do with Synchronization Setup?

Probably it’s something stupid and basic, but I can’t resolve the issue.